Fly Screen Manufacturing Order

Fly Screen Manufacturing & Order, 365 Days Uninterrupted Shipment to Germany

We receive many fly screen orders internationally apart from our domestic customers. As every year, the amount of orders from Germany is continuously increasing. Until 2022, we delivered more than 20.000 fly screens to various European countries. We are delivering to both private households and commercial dealers across Germany.

As SMH Sineklik, we deliver the fly screens we manufactured to Europe, primarily to Germany. We manufacture all types of fly screens and the most preferred model in Europe is the Pleated accordion fly screen. Besides supplying standard retail or wholesale, we can manufacture customized fly screens on demand.

Fly Screen Export to Germany

We export fly screen models with high quality and economical prices, which we have produced in-house, to USA and all European countries, especially Germany. With more than 10 years of experience, we know the needs and produce solutions that will increase your living comfort. We have a variety of models for doors, windows, caravans and cat protection. Our product, production quality, long lifetime and economical prices are the reasons why thousands of people choose SMH Sineklik.

You can call us and order right away. Our products are shipped via mail and delivered to your address within 10-11 days on average.

  • Durable and extremely long lasting
  • Easy and comfortable to use in any area or place
  • 3 different profile types and in desired color

Fly Screen Manufacturing Order

Shipment Packaging to Germany

Packaging and shipment processes are also carried out by our company, SMH Sineklik. We take all the necessary precautions so the fly screens reach you unharmed. Pat nylon products with high impact resistance are used and packaging is done in a way that the products will not get damaged in any way.

Fly Screen Shipment & Delivery to Germany

As SMH Sineklik, we have been providing reliable shipment to Europe for a long time. Our shipments are delivered to the address by our partner company within 10-11 days. Products are delivered disassembled with minimum cost. Our products are easy to install and we will provide a video after delivery in order to make installation easier.

For fly screen prices, detailed information about our products and order information, you can call us on +90 537 223 9020 or contact us on WhatsApp.

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